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How to Raise Your Credit Score Without Credit Card
January 16, 2017

Having low credit score can affect your life in many ways. When it comes rebuilding credit score. CALL NOW FOR FREE CASE EVALUATION Clearwater: 727-538-4188

Famous Debt Collection Harassment Lawsuits
January 10, 2017

Debt collection harassment is a serious issue, and most importantly, it’s against the law. Call Now For a Free Case Evaluation Clearwater: (727) 538-4188.

Can I still bring a TCPA claim if harassing calls to my cell phone didn’t cost me anything out of pocket?
January 9, 2017

Cell phone harassment is a hot topic in consumer protection law and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA for short, is one of the hottest topics.

A Brief History of Debt Collection
January 2, 2017

In the ancient civilization of Sumer, a debtor who was unable to pay a debt would become debt slaves, along with their family and servants.

The Worst Advice We’ve Heard about Handling Debt Collection Calls
December 26, 2016

At the law office of Michael A. Ziegler, we handle debt collection cases all of the time. we’ve heard about handling debt collection calls.

Best Blogs to Follow About Debt Collection
December 19, 2016

These blogs will help you stay up to date and on track when it comes to debt collection and debt relief law. Call Us: (727) 538-4188.

Why Doesn’t the Do Not Call List Stop Robocallers?
November 28, 2016

Messages that are informational are also legal. You can receive a robocall reminding you of an appointment, or informing you that school is delayed.

Common Holiday Scams and How to Spot Them
November 21, 2016

Some of the most common Holiday robocall scams and how to spot them. Call Now For a Free Case Evaluation Clearwater: (727) 538-4188.

Lies your Debt Collector will Tell You
August 22, 2016

Debt collection agencies have one goal in mind- to collect the debt that is owed by any means possible. Call Us: (727) 538-4188.

How to Handle Phone Calls from the IRS
July 25, 2016

As local foreclosure lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, and debt litigation lawyer, Call Now For a Free Case Evaluation Clearwater: (727) 538-4188.