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Ziegler Diamond Law is Florida’s preeminent debt relief and personal injury law firm. Attorney Michael “Mike” Ziegler became a lawyer because he’s experienced the pain, shame, and guilt of his immigrant grandparents not having money and his parents struggling to get by. 
Mike knew that practicing law would help him empower everyday people to get out of debt, regain financial confidence, and never experience those feelings again.

Since then, Ziegler Diamond law has expanded into personal injury litigation, where we fight toe-to-toe with major insurance companies to ensure injured victims get the compensation they deserve.

In both cases (debt relief services and personal injury law), there’s one common theme; many individuals need financial help and legal assistance to get back on track. Whether that’s because they’ve found themselves with too much debt or suffered significant damages resulting from another person’s negligence, it doesn’t matter to us. We’re here to help every client we can.

Our fantastic team has an incredible job. We give people a second chance and help them get back on their feet after devastating life events. We offer the following debt relief and personal injury services, but not limited to: 

If the pressures of mounting debt have overwhelmed you or you’re recovering from significant injuries, but the insurance company refuses to pay fair compensation, you don’t have to go through these challenging situations alone. Our attorneys are here to advocate for you, protect your rights, and fight for the absolute best outcome in your case.

What Makes Ziegler Diamond Law Different? 

We’re a boutique law firm, but we pack a major punch. Our debt relief and personal injury lawyers examine every situation case-by-case with the goal of finding tailor-made, individualized solutions to our client’s specific challenges and needs. 

When you work with Ziegler Diamond Law, you’re not just a number. You’re family. We care about your financial, physical, and mental health above all else. We know that difficulty in your economic life or health status can have major effects on you and your family’s present and future, and we’re here to help. 

Our dedicated lawyers are here to walk you through the debt relief and/or personal injury process step-by-step and fight for the best outcome. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with a proven Florida attorney.

Mike Ziegler

Mike Ziegler

Managing Partner

Kaelyn Steinkraus Esq

Kaelyn Steinkraus Diamond

Partner - Collection Harassment Team

Kim Hudson - Debt Defense Attorney

Kim Hudson

Debt Defense Attorney

Oksana Safronov

Oksana Safronov


Deb Zeyher

Deb Z.

Legal Assistant

Jamie Virga

Jamie V.


Crystal Dipchansingh

Crystal Dipchansingh


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