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Hi, I’m Mike Ziegler

I became a lawyer because I felt like it would allow me to empower everyday people. You see, I don’t come from a long line of lawyers. There are no gold-framed pictures of the lawyers that preceded me over my mantle. My grandfather on my mother’s side was a first generation immigrant; he worked as a chef to support his family. My grandparents on my father’s side struggled to find enough money for anything to eat other than peanut butter and fluff for my dad’s 5 brothers and sisters; but my grandmother went to school at night to become a nurse and make things work. My parents were lucky to have gotten a college education, and they both worked – as a nurse and an engineer. As I was going through school, I followed their example – I mixed paint in undergrad and I waited tables while completing my legal studies.

So I grew up understanding the importance of working hard. But I also know that sometimes, even if you’ve put the work in, “stuff happens.” Even people that have tried their hardest to make good decisions about their business or job, their family, and their finances can hit a rough patch.

Every one of our clients have seen their own speed bump in life. Actually, most of our clients have hit a few speed bumps. That looks different for different people – a change in family or job circumstance, a health issue, or an issue on a national scale like the COVID crisis. Whatever your story may be, the reality of our society is a difficulty in your personal life usually means difficulty in your bank account, and then the situation spirals. Financial strain then leads to more personal strain – stress on family, lack of sleep, difficulty just enjoying a day.

We can help.

I and my amazing team of Debt Fighters have an incredible job – we give people a second chance.

The dusty books in the law libraries give us important tools – bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, debt litigation and negotiation, and laws that protect consumers’ dignity from over-aggressive collection. We use these tools to get our clients back in control of their debts and their lives. The reason why we are different is because we examine each client and look at a variety of strategies to find what we see to be the best way for them to get control of their debt.

Give us a call today. Let’s start getting you in control.

Mike Ziegler

Mike Ziegler

Managing Partner

Kaelyn Steinkraus Esq

Kaelyn Steinkraus

Partner - Collection Harassment Team

Debt Defense Attorney Cynthia ODonnel

Cynthia O'Donnell

Attorney - Debt and Foreclosure Defense Team

Jonathan Swinson

Jonathan Swinson

Attorney - Bankruptcy Team

Deb Zeyher

Deb Z.

Legal Assistant

Karen Olson

Karen O.


Jamie Virga

Jamie V.


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