Can I File A Lawsuit Against A Credit Reporting Agency?

Can I file a lawsuit against a credit reporting agency? Attorney Michael Ziegler explains that a consumer technically can file a lawsuit on their own, but it generally isn’t a good idea for a consumer to represent himself or herself against credit reporting agencies. I want to break that out into a few components.

First, lawsuits against credit reporting agencies and credit reporting errors are highly technical lawsuits. While there are some legal proceedings in the court system that may be relatively straight forward and that consumers might be able to handle on their own, self-representation is to be discouraged when it comes to credit reporting cases because they are such technical cases.

Moreover, the law that supports lawsuits for credit reporting errors provides for the winning party to recover their attorney’s fees. So usually a consumer can find attorneys who can take this case without anything directly out of pocket.

You can be sure that the credit reporting agencies will have their own attorneys, so when there are attorneys available on a contingent basis, a consumer should have their own attorneys too.

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