Bankruptcy Lawyer Clearwater, FL

A Bankruptcy Lawyer Clearwater, FL Can Rely On

Bankruptcy Lawyer Clearwater, FL

Our bankruptcy lawyer Clearwater, FL residents rely on will tell you that no one today is exempt from debt issues. Sometimes it is the result of increased credit card interest rates. Or it may be due to medical bills, job loss, or a divorce. Regardless of why you are in debt, a bankruptcy lawyer serving Clearwater, FL is here to be your trusted financial legal advocate, and will help you to find a positive solution to your problem. How A Law Office Can Help With Your Bankruptcy Case?

Filing for Bankruptcy in Clearwater, FL

Contrary to what you might have been told, our bankruptcy lawyer in Clearwater, FL wants you to be aware that, filing for bankruptcy is not a severely negative solution. It will not cause you to lose your job or remain on your credit report for the rest of your life. As a good bankruptcy lawyer in Clearwater, FL will explain to you, it can offer a fresh start to your financial problems.

If your financial problems are significant, it is important to have a bankruptcy lawyer representing Clearwater, FL as your legal advocate. The procedure is complicated and involves many laws. You will also be required to appear in Federal Court rather than your local county courthouse.

Ziegler Diamond Law: Debt Fighters has helped many other clients just like you to get their life going in the right direction. Our Clearwater, FL bankruptcy lawyers are committed to creating practical opportunities for a brighter future, and without the financial burdens that can keep you and your family discouraged from realizing an enjoyable life. To learn about your legal options, please call our Florida bankruptcy lawyer today for a complimentary consultation.

Bankruptcy Solutions for Real People Like You

No two bankruptcy cases are the same, which also means that there is no “one size fits all” solution. Your circumstances and personal objectives for filing of bankruptcy will determine the type that can be filed in the United States. A Clearwater, FL bankruptcy lawyer can help you determine which type is best for you. Individuals have the option to file for two different types of bankruptcy:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Also known as liquidation bankruptcy, this will include the liquidation of your nonexempt assets. The proceeds from the liquidation are then used to pay off your debts. In order to qualify for Ch. 7, you will likely need to pass a means test. A bankruptcy lawyer representing Clearwater, FL can explain what this test is, and the requirements to pass it.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

This type of bankruptcy is also known as a reorganization bankruptcy. With the help of a lawyer, you will be required to develop a plan that readjusts your debts with creditors. The Bankruptcy Court must then approve it. This process is not as easy as it sounds, but once your bankruptcy lawyer in Clearwater, FL has enacted the plan and helped to put it into place, a portion, or all, of your debts can be resolved.

Discover What Ziegler Diamond Law: Debt Fighters Can Do For You

In addition to Ch. 7 and Ch. 13 bankruptcy, there are also alternatives that a lawyer might recommend to you. These include consolidation loans, debt negotiations, or loan adjustments. What is important to understand right now is that you don’t have to let your financial situation spiral out of control. Options are available that can make your life easier. Call a bankruptcy lawyer Clearwater, FL residents trust from the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, P.L. to learn more now!

Gain control of your finances and get out of debt.

At the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, P.L., we work with individuals and businesses to uncover the most practical solutions for the debt relief. As a bankruptcy lawyer in Clearwater, Florida, we can help you to avoid home foreclosure, repossession of your property, wage garnishment, lawsuits, and creditor harassment. To learn more about your options and our bankruptcy services, call our firm today.

Get Out of a Tough Situation

When you’re unable to pay your monthly bills, you might feel stressed and overwhelmed. As the debt piles on, creditors may contact you and insist on payment by any and all means possible. You might begin to have fears about opening letters or answering your phone. Your relationship could suffer. Your ability to sleep could be affected, and your overall quality of life might diminish. Feelings of hopelessness might quickly ensue. Our bankruptcy lawyer in Clearwater, FL wants you to know that by contacting our firm, we can work closely with you to set you on a better financial path. 

Under current U.S. bankruptcy statues, you have the legal right to take action that helps you to regain control of your debt and financial future. Every year an average of 800,000 people and businesses, at a broad range of income levels, file for bankruptcy. You are not alone in your financial challenges. The Clearwater, FL bankruptcy lawyer at our firm invites you to a free consultation. Call the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, P.L. today.

Put and End to Creditor Harassment, Foreclosure, and Repossession

As soon as your bankruptcy petition has been filed, a Clearwater, FL bankruptcy lawyer can send notice to creditors to immediately cease all collection actions. They will not be able to contact you via phone or mail, send you notices, garnish your wages, enforce legal judgments, or take any other effort to collect your debt. If the bank is trying to foreclose on a home, we are often able to stop that too. We know that you don’t want to lose your assets and we will do our best to ensure you get to keep as much as possible.

What We Offer Our Clients

When you choose our Clearwater, FL bankruptcy lawyer at the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, P.L. to be your legal advocate through the bankruptcy process, you can benefit from:

  • A team that takes pride in educating and assisting clients in taking advantage of any available legal rights.
  • We will review your matter in full and make a proper assessment to ensure the most advantageous, and practical, outcome.
  • A tenacious, experienced, and dedicated lawyer.
  • We will guide you through the bankruptcy process so you know what to expect

Signs You Should File for Bankruptcy

Making the decision to file for bankruptcy isn’t easy. You’re worried about destroying your credit or the stigma that often comes with filing for bankruptcy. However, there are some situations where bankruptcy is necessary. Our Clearwater, FL bankruptcy lawyer at the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, P.L. want you to know the signs that may indicate that it may be time to consider bankruptcy as an option. 

You’ve Spent Your Savings

It’s important to always have at least a little savings in case emergencies happen. If you’ve gone through all your savings to pay creditors, you may be facing financial trouble. If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it will get rid of most of your unsecured debts. This way, you can use more of your income to save for the future. Working with our Clearwater, FL bankruptcy lawyer can provide you with the guidance you need in recovering from your financial woes. 

You’re Facing Foreclosure

If you are unable to keep up with your mortgage payments, your lender is likely threatening to take your home. The idea of your home getting taken from under you can be terrifying to think about. If you file for bankruptcy with the assistance of our Clearwater, FL bankruptcy lawyer, you may have a chance to keep your home.

Creditors Are Calling You

Are creditors calling you on a daily basis? If so, you likely feel pretty stressed out. You may even avoid answering the phone sometimes because you don’t want to hear them demanding money. This indicates that you’re in financial trouble and that bankruptcy may be the right solution. Once you file for bankruptcy with our trusted Clearwater, FL bankruptcy lawyer, creditors are required by law to stop contacting you.

You’re Skipping Monthly Bills

If you can no longer afford to pay all of your bills every month and try to figure out which bills you should pay, it may be time to file for bankruptcy. It will wipe out most of your unsecured debts, so you can have some relief.

You’re Using Your Credit Cards More Frequently

If you’re using your credit cards to pay for everyday items, like food and toiletries, you may be in financial trouble. You can no longer afford the basic items anymore and need to use more credit.

You’re Losing Sleep

When you can’t pay your mortgage, credit card bills and other bills, our Clearwater, FL bankruptcy lawyer knows that it can be incredibly stressful. All of that stress can cause you to lose sleep at night. You may lie awake all hours of the night worried about how you will pay your bills. If this is the case, it may be time to file for bankruptcy.

Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

If you’ve made the decision to file for bankruptcy, it’s important to talk to a bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible. Bankruptcy is a complex process and you don’t want to go at it alone. A bankruptcy lawyer serving Clearwater, FL can help you file all the paperwork on time, protect your legal rights and help you get the best possible results.

At the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, P.L., we understand how stressful financial troubles can be. We’re here to help. Our lawyers can guide you through every step of the bankruptcy process and answer all your questions and concerns.

Are You Ready to Rebuild Your Life?

If you are ready for normalcy, no more debt, and no more financial stress, it may be time to consult the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, P.L. For a Clearwater, FL bankruptcy lawyer you can count on, call the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, P.L. today.

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