Client Testimonials

“This attorney and his staff are very prompt with helping me during and after my chapter 13 bankruptcy. I needed to refinance the house at a lower rate and what was left on my credit report was slowing the process way down. Since contacting his office about the current issues one was solved in a very short time. I highly recommend him and or his staff to anyone that needs professional help in the future.”

Ronald M.

“I hired Michael Ziegler on foreclosure and outstanding debt cases. He is attentive, responsive, and reliable. His analysis and strategy for handling my cases was “spot-on” and resulted in best-case settlements. I strongly recommend you consider Mr. Ziegler for your legal representation.”


“Mr. Ziegler and his staff are nothing short of kind & professional. During a very sensitive time for us they were extremely knowledgeable and patient with our many questions. He was always listening, understood clearly our need and was able to navigate us through our process to a success close. I recommend Mr. Ziegler with out hesitation!”


“I met with Mr. Ziegler after learning that our Motion to Strip a lien from our title was not completed by our previous very large firm attorneys. Mr. Ziegler was very kind, efficient, and willing to complete the filing process for me and did so exactly as promised! My husband and I would highly recommend Mr. Ziegler!”

A Satisfied Client

“I have hired Michael Ziegler on more than one occasion. My experience with him always exceeds my expectations. He is thorough, talented, & a fantastic communicator. Thank you Mike… for a superb job!”


“Michael helped me settle numerous lawsuits and debts after everything went south in 2009. After many years of debt collectors, he was able to negotiate settlements that I wasn’t able to resolve.

Thank you Michael!”

Michael G.

“Mike represented my law firm in a BP Claim and was extremely efficient. Thank you so much for professionalism. I would very much recommend your services to anyone.”

A Satisfied Client

“Working with Michael Ziegler was a fantastic experience from start to finish. He was professional and his fees were very reasonable. He helped successfully defend me in small claims court. I highly recommend Mike Ziegler!”


“Michael Ziegler sued on my behalf and won a settlement larger than expected. His fee was fair and settlement was prompt. His staff is knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with.”


“I didn’t know where to turn when my elderly Mother was being harassed repeatedly for payment of a bill which had been paid. I had no idea legal action could be taken. I talked with Mr. Ziegler on the phone and sent him documentation of payment as well as the harassing letters my Mother was receiving. He was very reassuring and took it from there, guiding me every step of the way. I was very happy with the settlement results.”


“I found Michael to be very knowledgeable and helpful in a difficult case. He is fair and was always available when I needed help . His para legal was Lynn, very helpful, too.”


“Michael Ziegler is a 5 star Lawyer. He is very kind, compassionate, and trust worthy. He truly cares about you as a person. He’s not like most Lawyer’s who only care about the money. He cares about you and your situation. He keeps you posted on your case and if you don’t understand something he makes time for you and explains it so you understand it all. He’s excellent!!!!! If your looking for a Lawyer this is the one to get!!!!”


“I have worked as both a Realtor and Mortgage Broker since 2001 and have assisted over 200 people through various Modifications, foreclosures, deed-in lieu of foreclosures and short sales. However, when it came time to do my own modification, I was concerned that my emotions would cloud my judgement. I decided to find seasoned, legal help that understood real-estate law, had experience in dealing with the hard hitting and seldom negotiable, Ocwen Loan Servicing and spoke with a real world down-to-earth lingo. Knowing how I am, this person had to be sharp, attentive and accessible. Mike Ziegler and his team was exactly what I was looking for. They not only hung tight through all the twists, turns and exceptions that were thrown at us but when it looked like things were taking a turn for the worse, Mike took command and went on to slay the beast. I highly recommend Mike to anyone who needs an experienced, straight talking legal team with a can do attitude.”


“Michael Ziegler is an outstanding and dedicated bankruptcy attorney who is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of his client’s case. He is very professional and an excellent communicator who excels at explaining the process every step of the way. He is reassuring, very generous with his time and expertise and thoroughly reliable. I absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of his services.”


“I cannot recommend Mike Ziegler and his staff highly enough. I did some shopping around after my consultation with him, but the first impression – and his follow-up – convinced me to retain him. Nobody likes to be in a situation where they need an attorney, but Mike and his staff were kind, courteous, professional and very communicative, guiding me through the process with as much help as I needed and doing everything they could to make it easier for me. I would highly recommend his practice to anyone who finds themselves in the difficult situation of a bankruptcy, or anything else that he might be able to handle for you.”


“Michael Ziegler has done an excellent job representing me in several legal matters over the last 14 months that involved creditor harassment and debt litigation. I initially searched for an attorney in my local area, and that is when I realized good consumer attorneys are few and far between. When I expanded my search to near the federal court that is when I found Michael Ziegler.

He has approached all my cases with a professional attitude and has been very knowledgeable about the specifics of each case. He has been responsive to all my questions, and kept me up to date about each case. I consider myself lucky that I found attorney Michael Ziegler and it is reassuring that if any additional legal matters should arise, I already know who I want to represent me in court.”


“I highly recommend Michael Zeigler Michael handled my Deed in lieu. I met with several lawyers dealing with short sales, foreclosures and deed in lieus and I they always gave me to another person. When you hire Michael you get Michael Ziegler. He made me feel my case was important and I felt he was determined to get my deal done. That’s just what he did.

I was referred to Michael by my realtor when my very uncompromising lender refused to do a short sale. I needed a dedicated professional, highly experienced legal representation who would represent my interests by defending and ultimately prevailing against my difficult lenders. Michael always updated me and returned my calls, emails and answered all my questions in detail. Michael got my foreclosure dismissed and deed in lieu finalized with the lender and even got a check from the lender for relocation and my line of credit forgiven. I’m so happy it’s all over thanks to Michael Zeigler.”


“Mr. Ziegler was very helpful in helping me successfully resolve my case. He was very patient and thorough in answering all my questions and providing guidance while representing me.”


“I felt he keep me informed and updated, and always responded to my phone calls in an appropriate time. I would use him again without hesitation.”


“We were extremely pleased with Attorney Ziegler’s knowledge and professionalism. He communicated effectively and successfully met our expectations. Attorney Ziegler prepared and recorded our quitclaim deed accurately and timely. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a trustworthy and professional Attorney.”


“Michael Ziegler and his staff are exceptionally competent and professional. If you are looking for a Lawyer to represent you in any of the disciplines that he covers ,look no further ,this is the man that you have been looking for.

His knowledge and transparency are unmatched. His counsel is clear and concise. I have used his representation several times and have always come out with positive outcomes.

I recommend his services 100 percent without reservations.”

Saul I.

“Mr. Ziegler and his staff are nothing short of kind & professional. During a very sensitive time for us they were extremely knowledgeable and patient with our many questions. I recommend Mr. Ziegler with out hesitation!”

Brad T.

“Mike is the best!! An attorney with the experience and expertise to help anyone going through the foreclosure process. Mike handled all of the filings, paperwork, and correspondence necessary so that I didn’t have to worry about anything. I couldn’t have hired a more competent and conscientious attorney than Mike. Outstanding!”

Charlie C.

“Working with Mike Ziegler was a great experience from start to finish. He represented my company in small claims court when we were being unfairly sued by a much larger company. Case dismissed! I highly recommend Mike Ziegler.”

Laurie B.

“Michael Ziegler is an outstanding and dedicated bankruptcy attorney who is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of his client’s case. He is very professional and an excellent communicator who excels at explaining the process every step of the way. He is reassuring, very generous in the giving of his time and expertise and thoroughly reliable. I absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of his services.”

Betty A.

“Mr. Ziegler was knowledgeable about bankruptcy law. He was more than generous with his time and expertise. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone seeking a bankruptcy attorney. He may find, as he did with me, that bankruptcy is not your best option.”

Jessica S.

“Michael Ziegler is one of the top legal minds I have encountered. He explained everything to me thoroughly and gave me a step by step process of what he would do. Other attorneys I have called have not been able or willing to spend the time to explain to me the steps in settling my dispute. Extremely reasonable rates and personalized service, I recommend that you give him a call to see if he can help you with any legal issues you may have.”

Ross K.

“I have recently started a pool service company and had problems with the company in which I had left. Mr. Ziegler took the time and made every effort to get my company free from one that was trying to cause problems. Due to his experience in the area of business relations my company is now up and running. The best part of all is that they can no longer bother me about having my own company. I would recommend Mr. Ziegler to anyone who is being bothered by a former employer. He goes way beyond any Attorney that I know of and his fees are very reasonable for the work that he does for you. On a scale from 1 to 10 I give him a 10 PLUS.”

Matt T.

“Highly competent attorney that is responsive and diligent.”

Josh S.

“Michael is handling two cases for me one for on fee basis and another on a contingency basis.

I did not like the answer Mike gave me on my fee case but it was the truth and he gave me back more then half my retainer which most attorneys would have kept. I appreciate his honesty and we are moving forward on my other case.”


“I had been in a very lengthy and very complex short sale process.

I hired Mr. Ziegler to negotiate on my behalf with the second lender and the HOA on my property. Mr. Ziegler kept me informed every step of the way answering all my questions and even when I called over the weekend.

My realtor, title officer and the other members on my team individually noted his professionalism, his gracious and effective communication and his excellent results. The other professionals on my team indicated that they intended to use his services should the need arise in the future.

Mr. Ziegler was tenatious on my behalf in working to make a deal with my creditors which he did successfully when previous lawyers had been unable to reach and agreement. I highly recommend Mr. Ziegler.”


“For my first time using a lawyer I had a very pleasant experience with Mr. Ziegler.

He was very easy to contact, not only by phone but by e-mail as well. He was thorough in answering my questions and explaining everything at hand. He really made me feel comfortable. He was able to negotiate a settlement deal that I was comfortable with.

He also he did not make any assumptions or move forward with anything without letting me know what was happening. I would be comfortable using him again as well as referring people to use his services. He is a very professional attorney who respects his clients.”


“He was accessible, returned calls promptly, and answered all of our questions in detail explaining everything in a clear and concise manner. We were kept well informed every step of the way.

I believe our case was more difficult than most since we had a private lender, yet he was able to negotiate terms that worked out extremely well for us.”

A Satisfied Client

“Thank you Mr. Ziegler for your professional service in the case of my foreclose trial.

It was nice to work with someone whom I believe actually reviewed my file carefully and was prepared to face our judge. I had an attorney that I was not happy with before being referred to you and there was a huge difference in how you handled my case.

I trusted your advice and think you considered my situation before any action was taken. I would refer you and use your service again. Thank you very much.”

A Satisfied Client