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The debt fighting team at the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, is dedicated to helping people to get out of serious debt. Michael Ziegler is a Tampa Bay, FL bankruptcy attorney who focuses on empowering people by helping them to get out of debt without it ruining their material life in the process. Michael truly wants to help people in the best ways he knows how to and is open to feedback from previous clients and other people who have interacted with him and other members of his team.

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Michael A. Ziegler takes pride in how hard his immigrant grandparents struggled and worked to support their families, as well as doing things such as go to night school to successfully become a nurse the way one of his grandmother’s did while also raising six children. The work ethic that his grandparents and parents instilled upon him, as well as his empathetic and compassionate nature, sets him apart from many lawyers who come from a lineage of affluent law professionals. He knows that even the hardest working people and people with the best intentions still hit bumps in the road, usually many while traveling down it, and he has dedicated his career to helping people who have hit bumps that hurt their financial well-being 

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