Best Blogs to Follow About Debt Collection

December 19, 2016

Getting the fated debt collection call can have a serious impact on your life and financial well-being. It’s important that you not only understand how to avoid debt from happening, but to understand your rights as a consumer, and be equipped with the knowledge it takes to defend them. These blogs will help you stay up to date and on track when it comes to debt collection and debt relief law.

Best Blogs on Debt Relief Law and Debt Collection

Dear Debt

One of the best ways to learn anything is through experience, but that experience doesn’t always have to be your own. Personal finance blogs follow the story of an individual’s experience with debt and working their way out of it. This blog follows Melanie, who was facing $81,000 in school debt. The story is not only inspiring, but can be used as a guiding tool for getting your life on track and out of debt.

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is a financial coach who provides training and tools that people can use to get themselves out of debt. Many of his training and tools cost money, but he offers plenty of free advice for those struggling with debt on his extensive and thorough blog.

FTC Blogs

The Federal Trade Commission protects consumers from debt collectors. Their blog covers everything from basic advice to current events. If you want to stay informed and up to date on the latest scams, legal updates, and debt collection strategies, check this blog regularly.

The Budgetnista Blog

This blog is another financial advice blog, but it is targeted specifically toward women. The blog covers financial management topics for the modern woman. This includes broad topics like handling debt collectors, identity theft insurance, paying off student loans. It also includes everyday life topics, from buying a car to back-to-school shopping tips.

insideARM Blog

If you want to know what those in the industry know, the latest news can be found on the insideARM blog.insideARM is a publication of the iA institute, which specializes in providing information to the debt industry, including collectors, lawyers, and other professionals.

Ziegler Law Office Collection Harassment Blog

At the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, we regularly update our blog to bring you the latest information about debt collectors and debt relief law. Reading this blog will give you an understanding of your rights, and help you protect those rights against harassing debt collectors. You can even learn valuable budgeting tips, credit score rebuilding, and financial communication.

Source: Budgetnista

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