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The Latest in Phone Scams for 2017
March 27, 2017

Phone scams run rampant in today’s society, and the financially related phone scams are no exception. Because of our work with debt collection harassment laws in Florida, we try to stay apprised of phone scams currently happening so that we are able to warn people about them. Here are the latest in phone scams right now. Debt Collection Harassment Laws in Florida can Protect You From These Scams Can You Hear Me The goal behind this phone scam is simple. The scammer pretends not to be able to you hear you so that you give them a positive answer. The question… Read More

Commonly Missed Items That Should Be In Your Household Budget
March 24, 2017

When determining your household budget, you need to make sure that you are accounting for every item that you will be spending money on. This will help you avoid needing a debt collection defense lawyer in Florida. Debt Collection Defense Lawyer in Florida Reveals Easy-To-Overlook Items for Your Household Budget When you overlook items on your household budget, it can create late payments, which lead to late fees and can really wreak havoc on your grand total for each month. The more detailed your household budget can be, the better off your finances will look. You can now start to begin saving… Read More

Understanding Bankruptcy Exemptions
March 20, 2017

When people envision bankruptcy, they often think of all of their belongings being hauled off by their creditors. This is not necessarily the case, and that is due to bankruptcy exemptions. Bankruptcy exemptions help you to protect certain property from bankruptcy proceedings. Bankruptcy law in Florida can protect you in certain circumstances, which we will discuss below. Exemptions are an Important Part of Bankruptcy Law in Florida Exemptions can be defined as a specific piece of property, or as a dollar amount representing that property. Exemptions can be applied differently, depending on which type of bankruptcy you are filing. With Chapter… Read More

Understanding the Debt Collection Process
March 17, 2017

In order to properly prepare yourself for when the debt collectors start calling, you need to understand the debt collection process. Knowing what your rights are and understanding how the process works will help you navigate the process and utilize the knowledge to your advantage. If you’re preparing for debt litigation in Tampa, knowing this process will help you understand the steps involved. What Leads to Debt Litigation in Tampa? Here is the Debt Collection Process The Initial Debt When you owe a balance, you will usually have thirty days to pay that balance to the company it is owed to.… Read More

What You Should Know If You Are Married And Filing For Bankruptcy?
March 13, 2017

If you need to file for bankruptcy in Tampa, and you are married, there are a few additional factors you need to consider. How you file will depend on your decision after considering these factors. Know These Facts Before You File for Bankruptcy in Tampa Filing Solo You may choose to file for bankruptcy separately from your spouse. You are not required to file for bankruptcy together. Individual bankruptcy is usually chosen when the couple is separated or when only one spouse has debt. Sometimes, each spouse will file for bankruptcy in Tampa separately to take advantage of exemptions or protect… Read More

How to Save Money on Home Expenses
March 10, 2017

Better financial management begins in the home, where you at spend money each day without realizing what you are spending. Many times, our home and expenses are a expectation that goes unnoticed and starts being paid blindly.  However, there are many simple ways that you can save money at home. Here are a few basic tips from a bankruptcy attorney in Clearwater, Florida. Financial Tips from a Bankruptcy Attorney in Clearwater, Florida Evaluate Your Eating Habits Tips for saving money on food tend to be Universal in nature if you are to seek advice online. However, not everyone’s eating habits are the same.… Read More

Real Life Horror Stories of Debt Collection Harassment
March 6, 2017

Debt collection harassment is a real occurrence, that affects everyday people all the time. In some cases, when the party knows their rights, it can be dealt with cleanly and swiftly with little to no repercussions. Sometimes, it has a more long-term effect as collectors get more and more aggressive and truly begin to cross the line. Here are some real life horror stories of collection company harassment. Collection Company Harassment Stories That Will Leave You Horrified Jessica Burke One of the most well-known and commonly cited debt collection harassment lawsuits is that of Jessica Burke. This case was so outlandish and… Read More

The Basic Difference Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13
February 27, 2017

The word bankruptcy is reacted to differently by everyone. To some, it is a beacon of hope that means you will never have to pay your bills again. To others, it means that you’ve skirted out of your debts, and has a very negative connotation. If you want to know what bankruptcy really is, ask a Tampa bankruptcy attorney. The Truth About Chapter 7 and 13 From a Tampa Bankruptcy Attorney In truth, neither of these presumptions are true. Bankruptcy is an option designed for those who have exceeded their ability to maintain a livable income due to their decision to… Read More

What Happens When Your Business Declares Bankruptcy?
February 24, 2017

Bankruptcy is not a step that many business operators want to take. Unfortunately, it’s often the only option available when the owner wants to keep their company. There are several types of bankruptcy processes and very often, due to the complexities involved, a bankruptcy attorney is needed. An attorney can evaluate your business’s debt circumstances and determine what legal options are best for a company before declaring bankruptcy. Rules are different among sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, and corporations. The following are general guidelines when considering which type of bankruptcy to file. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Chapter 7 bankruptcy is effectively… Read More

Buying a Home After Bankruptcy
February 20, 2017

Bankruptcy is a complicated topic for most people, which is why people in debt are looking for a law office near me. Many people don’t understand bankruptcy, or feel that they will no longer have any options once bankruptcy is declared. One of the biggest concerns many have is that they will be unable to buy a home. The reality is, if you owe an excessive amount of money that you are unable to pay, buying a home will be difficult whether you declare bankruptcy or not. It isn’t, however, impossible to buy a home after bankruptcy. Here are the first… Read More