Finding the Right Bankruptcy Lawyers for Debt Discharge in Florida

Bankruptcy Lawyers Near Me

Debt Fighters law firm helps consumers drowning in debt in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Its important to find the right bankruptcy lawyers near me if you want to get out of debt, fast.  The Ziegler Diamond Law, PL: Debt Fighters has been helping consumers eliminate overwhelming debt since 2012, servicing Clearwater, FL and greater Tampa Bay.

But lets be honest, as a consumer, how do you know if the bankruptcy lawyer you are considering is any good?  You can’t really try before you buy.  You don’t know how good your attorney is in court, or whether they are going to get back you when you call (believe me, we work with a lot of clients who have had bad experiences at other law firms).  This is a big decision, so how can you tell if the lawyer you are considering is any good?

Here are some ways to get a idea of whether the bankruptcy attorney you are considering are worth their salt:

  • Take a look at their online reputationAvvo, Google, and Martindale are examples of website that give ratings to lawyers based on consumer feedback, professional involvement, and in the case of Martindale, the ratings of their peers.
  • What percent of the lawyer’s legal practice is bankruptcy?  At the Debt Fighters, debt problem solving is all that we do.   That is an advantage, because we know bankruptcy really well, but we also aren’t going to force bankruptcy on you because we know the other options.
  • If you know a lawyer personally, see if they are familiar with the lawyer.  At the Debt Fighters, we are proud of our community reputation.  We get many referrals from local attorneys who don’t practice bankruptcy.
  • Accessibility – How easy is it to get in touch with someone from the office?

So where does it all begin?  Do your research for a bankruptcy lawyer near me.  Then, scheduled your free consultation to evaluate your options.  The qualified attorneys at the Ziegler Diamond Law, PL: Debt Fighters will review your situation and offer actionable recommendations on your options to eliminate your debt.

Mike is able to help his clients achieve a fresh financial start and a more positive outlook on their financial future. Bankruptcy is a powerful tool that can be used to restructure – and in many cases, eliminate – an individual’s consumer debt obligations.

After performing a thorough evaluation of your personal finances and long-term goals, Clearwater bankruptcy lawyer Mike Ziegler will be able to tell you whether filing for bankruptcy is the right solution to your financial problems. It might be, if any of the following apply to you:

If you’re searching for bankruptcy lawyers near me Clearwater Fl, Mike Ziegler is well versed in the various legal hurdles that have to be overcome by a consumer seeking the benefits of federal bankruptcy protection. As a consumer with debts, you usually have two options when filing for bankruptcy: Chapter 7, which you must qualify for via a federally mandated means test, or Chapter 13, which entails structured debt repayment over a three-to-five year period.

To schedule your free case evaluation with bankruptcy lawyer Mike Ziegler, please contact the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, P.L. in Clearwater, FL. Just remember that being deep in debt doesn’t mean you don’t have options. In many cases, bankruptcy offers a path to financial freedom.


Want to know more?  Here is the Process of Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case


I had no idea where to begin to file Bankruptcy. I spoke w several firms and decided to go w Michael. His team is outstanding! They answered every question I had. The process is scary but they made me feel at ease. This is not the position I had ever seen myself being in but it is what it is! Call Michael they will guide down the path to freedom! Don’t be embarrassed just do it! Thank you Michael and I hope I never see you again lol. Big praises for Jamie she is a gem!

– Bankruptcy Client Review



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