20 Simple Ways to Save Money Every Day

May 1, 2017

Keeping a close eye on your finances is a must if you are on your way to Financial Health. If you are constantly wondering how to save some dollars so you don’t have to file for bankruptcy, this list is for you. You don’t have to be a financial genius to save money. Here are 20 ways you can do it every day.

You Won’t Have to File for Bankruptcy Later if You Save Your Money Now

  1. Turn off the lights every time you leave the room.
  2. Use an app that rounds your expenses to the nearest dollar and deposits them in a savings account.
  3. Start walking to locations in close distances instead of driving. This will help you save on gas!
  4. Plan your meals for the week in advance, and prepare and portion them in advance.
  5. Pursue your interests – Whether this means focusing on your career, a hobby, or your family, the busier you are, the less time you have to spend money!
  6. Educate yourself on creating and maintaining a budget.
  7. Make a 15-20 min appointment with yourself each day to go over your financial situation.
  8. Subscribe to a coupon service to save on services and products you use regularly.
  9. Write down everything you spend money on to get a clear picture of your expenses.
  10. Skip the morning coffee run and make coffee at home. A timed coffee maker will help make this easier!
  11. Sign up for free Customer Rewards programs.
  12. Call an energy reduction company to save on your electric bill.
  13. Wait thirty days to make one-time purchases, like couches, electronics, or fun stuff.
  14. Sign up for online banking and keep an eye on your account.
  15. Rent out unused home space– could be office space, living space, or more!
  16. Consolidate your credit cards to one card with a competitive rate.
  17. Do some comparison testing and start buying the generic versions you like instead of name brand.
  18. Get an energy audit: This is usually offered free from your electric company to show where you can save!
  19. Keep the change! When you have leftover change, put it in a piggy bank or coin jar.
  20. Call around. Your bills may have specials or reductions available. Call every now and then to see if it’s possible to lower your regular payments.

Understanding where you can save money each day in small ways will make a big impact on your overall financial picture. You’ll start to see that you have more money to spend on the items you need and want, so you can save for those bigger expenses that will come up in the long-run.

Source: Motley Fool

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