What Kind Of Harassment Would Warrant Suing The Telemarketing Company?

What kind of harassment would warrant suing the telemarketing company? Attorney Michael Ziegler explains it. If someone is being called several times a day, it may warrant a TCPA or telephone consumer protection act claim.

This law prohibits a company from using an automatic telephone dialing system to call a consumer on their cell phone if that consumer has not given the company permission to do so. This also applies to consumers who have discontinued their permission to receive those calls, which we call revoked consent.

A lot of times the calls are in very close proximity to one another and may come from different phone numbers, even though they are originating from the same company. More often than not, the folks that receive these calls have debts that they are behind on paying.

The companies who make these calls often are intentionally trying to encourage an emotional or frustrated response from the consumer to get their attention.

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