How Can A Foreclosure Defense Attorney Assist Me In A Foreclosure Situation?

How can a foreclosure defense attorney assist me in a foreclosure situation? Attorney Michael Ziegler explains that a foreclosure defense attorney can do a number of things to assist the consumer-facing foreclosure.

First of all, Florida is a judicial foreclosure state, which means that before a lender can take someone’s property, they have to prove in a lawsuit their ability to be able to enforce the loan. This means that they have to show that they have the rights over the loan. They have to show the amounts that are owed, and they have to provide the appropriate paperwork in order to do so.

A foreclosure defense attorney can press the lender to make sure that they are meeting their burden of proof. In tandem with that, a foreclosure defense attorney can help the consumer to move towards whatever the consumer’s longterm goal is for resolving the property.

That goal can be a little bit different for each person. For some individuals, they want to get back on track with their properties, but for others, they may want to get rid of the property. Whatever the consumer’s goals may be, the foreclosure defense attorney can help in the strategies towards that endpoint.

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