Reasons your Bankruptcy Could be Denied

January 19, 2017

Was your bankruptcy claim denied? If you are struggling and filed for bankruptcy,there is a chance that bankruptcy claim could be denied. Here are some of the main reasons that bankruptcy claims are denied, according to your local bankruptcy attorney in Tampa.

Local Bankruptcy Attorney in Tampa on Bankruptcy Denials

Bankruptcy Fraud

Bankruptcy documentation is very specific. You may think that “forgetting” to report income or assets will help your case, but bankruptcy fraud will easily get your case dismissed. It can also, in serious cases, result in criminal charges and even incarceration. Make sure you disclose all of your income, assets, liabilities and financial information.


You need to be consistent and on top of things when you file for bankruptcy. Missing meetings or failing to provide documentation when requested will not go well for your case. Make sure that you are well-prepared and organized. Set aside necessary funds to obtain the documentation you need, such as former tax returns if you do not have them readily available.

Failing the Means Test

The means test is a test to determine whether you financially qualify for bankruptcy. This test compares your income over the last six months to the median income in your state, in similar households. An income below the state median will automatically qualify you for bankruptcy, but if you are above the state median, more tests are conducted to determine your needs. They will use area income and expenses, as well as some of your own expenses to conduct this portion of the test.


It is essential that you pay attention to deadlines when you are filing for bankruptcy. Courts have many petitions to go through, and if yours is late, you will be overlooked. The courts have many reasons to make things go quickly, especially when they have multiple bankruptcy petitions to go through. It is important that everything be in order and it is easily filed and received so that it is easy for the courts to say yes.

In order to organize bankruptcy paperwork properly, you need to have the knowledge to do so. Hiring a local bankruptcy attorney in Florida shows that you have an experienced person on your side to help you navigate the process of bankruptcy. If you are filing for bankruptcy, make it easy for the courts to approve your petition. Find a bankruptcy attorney so that your position goes seamlessly.


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