Financial Apps to Help You Save

April 3, 2017

Saving money is fun when you start to see it accumulate. With today’s technology, organizing your finances can be as easy as downloading the latest app. Who needs an accountant with these great financial apps, recommended by a debt litigation attorney, to help you save money?

Debt Litigation Attorney Recommends These Financial Apps


This app turns your spare change into an investment! If you’re just getting started in building a portfolio, this app is a great way to get your feet wet. It recommends and designs an Investment Portfolio for you and uses your spare change to make the investment. Think of it as a savings account but with stock options. This app won’t get you rich overnight, but it will slowly invest your funds into the stock market and help you begin your portfolio.

Clarity Money

If you always wished you had a personal financial assistant to look over your spending habits, look no further than clarity money. This app looks over your expenses, cancels unnecessary magazine subscriptions, helps you lower your bills, and even looks for better options when it comes to credit cards. You can even set up a savings account for specific reasons, like going on vacation or buying a car.

Half Dollar

This app is for those who just want a simple picture of their money that is coming in and out, without all the fancy capabilities of other budget apps. It allows you to enter all sources of income, and keeps track of your expenses so that you get a clear monthly picture of your finances. This can help you make necessary adjustments and improve your financial lifestyle.


Think of this app as your financial vision board. You get to choose a savings goal and even add pictures for daily inspiration for meeting your goal. It even has a community element which will show you what other people are saving for and make the experience fun and collaborative! In addition, the app offers tips and insights to get you inspired and show you the best ways to save.

Saving money for a goal or to get back on track can be an enjoyable and simple experience with the help of these apps. Do you have a great savings app you use? Let us know in the comments!

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