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Options for Filing Bankruptcy More Than Once

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As one of the foremost credit card lawyers in Clearwater, FL, the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, PL, has successfully resolved debt problems for individuals and businesses for decades. Our firm’s bankruptcy and debt lawyers focus on related matters; thereby, we are able to bring you the right experience and knowledge that is needed to find the right solution for our clients. If you are looking for an advocate to help you resolve your debt, call a credit card lawyer Clearwater, FL has to offer from  the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, PL.

Types of Bankruptcy

Technically, you can choose to file for bankruptcy on your own. You don’t necessarily need to have a credit card lawyer Clearwater, FL respects on your side. However, unless you have a legal background, or you are very confident in handling this process, by not having a lawyer to help you, you may lose more money and time. Filing for bankruptcy is not always a straightforward procedure. A Clearwater, FL credit card lawyer will understand the federal court and state process and can navigate your case in an effective manner.

There are several options when it comes to filing for bankruptcy. In general, applicants will only be eligible for one, maybe two types. Each bankruptcy chapter has their own benefits, and can be explained in further detail by a skilled credit card lawyer Clearwater, FL residents know and prefer.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are asking the court to relieve you of your debt, or at least a portion of it. Before they will grant this to you, you will have to liquidate any non-exempt assets.

Benefits of Chapter 7

  • You will get a new financial start
  • Some, or all, medical bills, taxes, and credit card debt may be discharged
  • You can keep your future income
  • There are no limitations
  • There are no repayment plans
  • The discharge of debt typically takes between 3 and 6 months

Not all people will qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In this case, Chapter 13 or an alternative, non-bankruptcy option might be recommended by your credit card lawyer Clearwater, FL debtors can rely on.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – This is another option for those who may earn too much income to file for Chapter 7, but not enough to pay their debt off. When you file for Chapter 13, you and your Clearwater, FL credit card lawyer will draft a strategic repayment plan that helps you to pay some, or all, of your debt. This plan must be approved by the court and the debt should be paid within a period of time (usually 3-5 years).

Benefits of Chapter 13

  • You can avoid foreclosure
  • Your credit report will only show the debt for 7 years, versus 10 years for Chapter 7
  • You can reschedule secured debts
  • Overall Benefits of Filing for Bankruptcy
  • Creditors will no longer harass you
  • Legal actions, such as lawsuits, can be stopped
  • Foreclosures can be stopped
  • You can save some of your assets
  • You can avoid going to collections

To find out whether or not bankruptcy is a good idea for you, please call a credit card lawyer Clearwater, FL offers from the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, PL.

Options for Filing Bankruptcy More Than Once

Those who need to apply for bankruptcy more than once may feel relieved to know there are no limits for how often you can file. But there are limits for how frequently you can have your debts discharged. If you have been struggling with debt even after filing your initial bankruptcy case, you may be wondering what your options are for using it as a financial resource again. You can submit to operate under a bankruptcy chapter multiple times, but keep in mind that it may not be the same experience the second or third time around.

In this article, a Clearwater, FL credit card lawyer answers a few common inquiries have about filing for bankruptcy more than once. Anyone who needs additional assistance may want to meet with a lawyer from the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, PL for more information.

What do I need to know about bankruptcy discharges?

Once a bankruptcy case is evaluated and approved, the court grants the person a discharge of debts. This means all debts approved for being eliminated may be wiped out. For the majority of people filing for bankruptcy, having their debts deleted is the number one goal. But, depending on what chapter the person applied for initially, not all debts may have been discharged. So in some cases, applying a second time can prove beneficial. Our credit card lawyer from Clearwater, FL can help you to understand what your options may be when considering bankruptcy as an option.

Are there time limitations for bankruptcy chapters?

Yes, there are time limitations when receiving a second discharge of debts. These limits can depend on the kind of bankruptcy you filed for previously. Our credit card lawyer in Clearwater, FL has listed the type of bankruptcy filed for each time, and how long you have to wait before filing a second time:

  • Chapter 7, then Chapter 7 again = 8 years
  • Chapter 7, then Chapter 13 = 4 years
  • Chapter 13, then Chapter 7 = 6 years
  • Chapter 13, then Chapter 13 again = 2 years

There is one exception to the above rules, which applies to those who file for Chapter 13, then Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you paid the entirety of your debts to unsecured creditors through Chapter 13 or you paid at least 70% and tried to pay off these debts to the best of your ability; a Clearwater, FL credit card lawyer will tell you that you may be able to file right away.

What if my bankruptcy case was dismissed?

You can re-submit a request for bankruptcy as long as the court did not state otherwise. The court may prohibit you from refiling if your case was dismissed because of fraudulent behavior. Those who are having trouble finding success when applying for bankruptcy may want to consider consulting with a credit card lawyer in Clearwater, FL for legal advice.

What can a credit card lawyer do to help me?

There could be something you are doing wrong that has hindered your chances of being approved for bankruptcy. Your attorney can answer any questions you have and offer advice on how to proceed. While bankruptcy can be a very helpful resource, it should not be utilized lightly. A credit card lawyer Clearwater, FL residents recommend can evaluate your financial situation and help devise a plan to get you back onto your feet.

Actions Taken by Debt Collections Agencies

Experiencing financial issues is something that our Clearwater, FL credit card lawyer knows all too well. Have you been threatened by a creditor with legal action? Are you unable to pay your bills or keep up with your standard of living? Are collection agencies contacting you around the clock looking for payment? Finding that you are in over your head can be a troublesome experience. Not only may you be unsure of what the future may hold, you may be frightened over how you will ever be able to dig yourself out of this financial hole. Our credit card lawyer in Clearwater, FL will tell you that there are a number of actions debt collection agencies may take in attempts to settle a debt with a debtor. Struggling with debt is unfortunately something that many Americans today must face. If you are unable to pay your debts and are experiencing incessant calls and threats from creditors, you may want to consult with the Law Office of Michael P. Ziegler, P.L., a Clearwater, FL credit card lawyer as soon as possible.

Illegal Methods Used by Debt Collections Agencies

There are a variety of ways a collections agency may attempt to settle a debt with you. Often these methods are aggressive, incessant and downright frustrating, especially for someone who has debts they are unable to pay. The majority of attempts are made by mail or in most cases, by phone. There are a number of illegal tactics utilized by collections when attempting to collect payment for a debt, such as:

  • Making threats
  • Harassment
  • Contact people you know
  • Phone calls during times that are inconvenient
  • Yelling at you
  • Calling before 8AM or after 9PM

Our credit card lawyer in Clearwater, FL knows that facing collections can be a significant challenge. However, if you owe debts, it’s important that you continue to keep in contact with them so that you are aware of the status of your account. Although this may be difficult, it’s key to keep a handle on your account, even if you are unable to pay. In some cases, it may be in your best interest to contact our Clearwater, FL credit card lawyer to weigh your options and determine whether filing for bankruptcy is the appropriate action to take.

Struggling with Debt

As a debtor, you may have reached the point of no return. It can be scary to face the mountain of debt before you, especially when you do not have the financial means to dig yourself out. As a result, you may become subject to harassing calls by creditors attempting to collect payment from you. This can be paralyzing to experience. Our Clearwater, FL credit card lawyer can help you to take action so that you are able to finally silence the phone, and live your life with a better handle on the debt you are required to face.

Contacting The Law Office of Michael P. Ziegler, P.L.

A trusted Clearwater, FL credit card lawyer can help by representing debtors, protecting their rights and negotiating down any debts. Experiencing overwhelming amounts of debt can be difficult to face, our lawyer can provide you with support in managing your current situation so that you no longer have to face your creditors alone. A credit card lawyer representing Clearwater, FL can provide you with the representation you require should you find yourself facing the legal system. Additionally, should your lawyer discover that the collections agency making attempts to collect debts was done illegally, they may be able to help you pursue a lawsuit against your creditors.

For someone who is struggling with debts and making payments on their financial obligations, the idea of hiring The Law Office of Michael P. Ziegler, P.L. can seem frivolous. However, we may prove invaluable when it comes to managing creditors, representing you in a lawsuit or in navigating a bankruptcy. If you are being threatened by creditors with legal action, contact a credit card lawyer in Clearwater, FL that you can trust today for the representation you require.

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