Bankruptcy Lawyer Recommendations Of Google Scholar Free Online Case Research

May 2, 2016

As a bankruptcy lawyer in Clearwater, we believe that you should be able to stay informed on your legal situation.

Free Online Case Research by Google Scholar

That’s why we provide a list of consumer legal resources so that you can research cases similar to yours, and stay up to date on the latest laws.

These our resources we will be using to handle your case.

Having these resources keeps you from feeling in the dark with your own legal situation, which is a way we never want you to feel.

These resources do not take the place of professional legal counsel.

We encourage you to utilize them to understand any legal terminology that you may want to quickly research.

Always remember we are here to answer your questions as well.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Clearwater Recommends Google Scholar

Google scholar provides free research tools and access to legal databases. At one time, this was a very expensive service and therefore not easily available for smaller firms.

Now, free tools such as Google scholar have opened up research to make it more accessible to smaller firms, and of course, accessible to you.

This tool allows you to read published decisions of state and supreme court cases, tax cases, and bankruptcy cases through its search tool.

To utilize the search feature for a case, you will want to select legal documents on the main page. Then, just enter your search terms into the search bar as you would with Google.

You can use quotation marks to indicate multiple search terms. For example, “Florida”, “Foreclosure” will give you better results than searching with no quotations.

The quotations indicate that these are separate terms and do not necessarily need to be located consecutively in the results.

The results page will show you a list of cases that apply to your search terms. The left hand tool bar gives you the option to narrow down your results further by choosing the “select courts” option.

This option will lead you to a checklist organized by state, where you can select all courts that pertain to the item or topic you are looking for. You can then narrow them down further with a date or time period for the case.

After you have found the case you are looking for, there are multiple navigation tools which make it possible for you to research the case even further.

You can look up other cases where the case you are referencing was mentioned, and there are even indicators to how much your case was discussed, possibly indicating how relevant it was to the decision of the corresponding case.

At the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, we are careful to use only verified legal databases for our research, such as Google Scholar.

Our expertise and experience make us the best option for your case, and having the right tools at our fingertips to assist you is essential.

Thanks to resources such as these, our bankruptcy lawyers in Clearwater are able to share this information with you easily and with professional transparency.

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