7 Tips How To Get A Job During Coronavirus

October 12, 2020

The pandemic has forced companies to change the way they operate. Because of the lockdown, they have had to lean on remote workers to survive. As a result, many workers have lost their jobs and faced difficulties. Due to the high demand for tech professionals, gaining these skills could help you in the future.

To remain competitive, many people have begun to learn tech skills. However, moving in the right direction might be hard if you don’t know where to start. If you’re jobless and struggling to find work, these tips will help you tackle unemployment amid Covid-19. You’ll get equipped with everything you need to impress employers and find a new job.

Take a Deep Breath and Change Your Mindset

Being jobless can make you feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Before starting your new job-searching path, you should take a deep breath and relax. When people are relaxed, they can make better decisions. So, you can be sure that you won’t make a choice you would regret.

During the pandemic, the rules have changed, and to become an attractive potential employee, you’ll need to change your thinking. Implement new strategies to approach employers and stay motivated during the process. If you think positively, you’ll attract good vibes, and progress won’t be a hurdle. Otherwise, if you think negatively before even starting on your journey, there is less hope that you will find a job.

Research and Apply for at Companies That Are Looking for New Hires

It is always good to do research to see what employers are looking for in their new hires. Because of the pandemic, many companies froze operations and stopped hiring. Given that, you should look for vacancies in sectors like the health care or in the online retail industry. Remember that most customers now prefer to make purchases online rather than in-store.

To move in the right direction and stay focused, you’ll need to use your organizational skills. They will help you make a good plan of how you should approach employers and start a new learning path if necessary.

Set New Goals

Setting goals is an indispensable part of tackling unemployment and getting hired. They will help you find motivation and identify when it is the right time to celebrate. Many job-seekers lose their motivation and feel frustrated.

To avoid this, you must set short-term and long-term goals. Short-term goals are key as you must take little steps before achieving a major success. Also, employers are looking for candidates with clear objectives so you will catch their attention if you have set clear benchmarks for yourself.

Get Skilled

At this point, you should know what employers are looking for. Consequently, you must create a plan to start a new path or learning. Whether you are trying to update your current skills or learn new ones, you must do whatever it takes to fulfil employers’ needs.

Enrolling in coding bootcamps is a great way to get skilled. They provide students with the right knowledge to stand out from the competition and help companies remain competitive. Flatiron School is among the best vocational schools in the US. The school offers several courses in fields like software engineering, cybersecurity, and data science. 

At Flatiron School, students will hold weekly mock interviews, receive employer instruction, and one-on-one coaching sessions to help them launch a lifelong career in tech. The company also offers many financing options so students can reduce their financial stress and focus on learning.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to learn from home, you should enroll in Sprinboard’s online coding bootcamp. Springboard’s courses are available online and are designed to fit students’ needs. So, having a busy schedule will no longer prevent you from learning. At Springboard, you’ll get skilled in less than nine months through hands-on projects. 

Start Networking

Don’t hesitate to tell your friends and former co-workers you are jobless. Networking is always a great option to increase your chances of getting an interview. You can also start networking digitally and attend online events. You’ll meet new people and see how you can fill employers’ demands. If you’re planning to make a career change, you can conduct informational interviews and see what a role is like. Ask your peers about their daily work tasks and what tools they need to do their duties.

In 2020, most interviews are handled via meeting platforms like Zoom and Skype. If you want to impress employers, it’s essential to get familiar with these platforms. Try to invest some money in tech devices that can help you avoid possible technical issues, like noise-canceling headphones, which are great for busy environments. You should also invest in a laptop with a long battery life. It’ll be helpful if you’re planning to land a job working remotely.

Take Advantage of Digital Channels to Attract Employers’ Attention

Many hiring managers and employers use digital channels to look for potential candidates. Take advantage of them if you want to become more noticeable. Create a good LinkedIn or Upwork profile to attract employers’ attention. Be professional and use a photo of yourself smiling. It’ll make you seem spontaneous. Write a summary of your mission, goals, and top skills. This will help you to become a trustworthy candidate. Don’t forget to ask for recommendations if you’re using LinkedIn. It’s a key way to increase your chances of getting an interview. You can ask your friends, co-workers, and even your previous boss for written recommendations.

If your imagination and creativity are what motivate you, you should also create an Instagram profile to use as a portfolio. It will allow you to show your abilities and employers will know what you’re capable of.

Create a Portfolio to Show During Interviews

Creating a portfolio is essential. It’s a great tool to show your actual abilities during interviews. No matter if you’re applying for a job as a software engineer or a Web designer, a portfolio will make employers feel engaged. Today, employers prefer candidates who speak by showing facts, meaning they will pay less attention to your outstanding resume.  


Getting back on track will take a lot of effort. Following these tips will help you overcome any challenge and get hired during these tough times. If you’re looking to find better job opportunities, making a career change is a great start. Keep in mind that companies are looking for candidates like Web developers, data scientists, and software engineers.

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