What Debts from My Divorce are Dis-chargeable in a Bankruptcy?

The interplay between divorce and bankruptcy is very important. In fact, divorce is one of the leading reasons why people file bankruptcy, to begin with. Folks go from a two-person household income and they have expenses that are commensurate with that, to a one-person household income where the expenses may be fairly consistent.

It’s important to be aware that your obligations with respect to the separation support, that being alimony or child support, are going to be what we call non-dischargeable, meaning you can’t get rid of your obligations to your spouse or to your child support. You can, however, get rid of some of the debts which may have been incurred in the course of the marriage. So you can eliminate the obligation to, for example, a credit card or medical debt, but you may not be able to get rid of the obligation to the former spouse.

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