What Components Constitute A Viable Credit Reporting Error Case?

What components constitute a viable credit reporting error case? Attorney Michael Ziegler explains that each credit reporting case is unique, but there are some common types of errors. A credit report may be misreporting whether payments were missed or specific months of missed payments.

The report may have completely wrong accounts on it. It could be an incorrect balance or it could show the wrong account status, like if a report does not show an account to be discharged after bankruptcy.

The impact of a credit reporting error can also be a factor in a case. If the error is preventing someone from obtaining an important loan, then that may be a distinguishing factor.

If the error results in denied employment or denied occupancy in the case of an individual looking to rent a property that can make for unique circumstances.

It’s a combination of how egregious the air is and how careless the company was that left the error to remain on the credit report, but also the impact that the error had on a consumer that had to deal with it.

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