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Who is Scherr And McClure Law Firm?

Scherr McClure Law is a valid debt collection law firm headquartered in Florida. However, they have been known to pursue debt collection and related activities, including legal action (i.e., file a lawsuit) in many states across the U.S. The principal attorneys are Harold Scherr and Alex McClure.

This debt collector operates on behalf of many companies in various industries. That includes a business like SquareTwo Financials and their debt-buying subsidiaries (i.e., CACH, LLC, and CACV of Colorado, LLC).

Generally, they focus on the following commercial and consumer collections but are not limited to

  • Credit card collections
  • Judgment enforcement (including income and wage garnishments)
  • Rental and real estate collections
  • Medical bills collections
  • Liens

Whether you’ve received a letter, call, or a summons for a court date, consumers must take all communication with this business (or any debt collection company) seriously. Give us a call to speak with an attorney on our team about the best debt relief service for your matter.

Scherr & McClure Law Contact Information

It’s challenging to search for and find the contact information for debt collection law firms like Scherr McClure Law. In many cases, a business like this conceals its information to protect itself from liability as well as protect its clients.
Based on the information available online, we’ve found the following information about Scherr & McClure P.A.

Primary Location: 1064 Greenwood Blvd, Suite 328, Lake Mary, FL 32746
Mailing Address: 725 Primera Blvd, suite 200, Lake Mary, FL 32746
Phone number: unlisted
Website: (web page currently down)

Important Information About Scherr McClure Law

According to the Florida Division of Corporations, Scherr & McClure P.A. no longer operates in the state. However, they do have active business listings in many other states. We’re unsure if they totally dissolved in 2022 or just ceased operations in Florida and operate in another location.

With that in mind, you should check with your lawyer before moving forward if you’ve received a collection phone call from a debt collection business or lawyer claiming to be Scherr Mcclure Law.

Alleged Violations and Consumer Complaints Against Scherr McClure Law Firm

Based on reviews and readily available public information, collection services like Scherr McClure Law practice have been accused of illegal debt collection practices in the past. Alleged FDCPA violations include but are not limited to the following:

  • Using false, deceptive, or misleading means to collect a debt
  • Implying there was a direct lawyer involved in a legal matter (i.e., collections case) when there wasn’t

What to do if  Your Consumer Rights Have Been Violated

If you’ve been harassed by a collection company like Scherr McClure law firm, you should know it’s not legal. A professional debt collector must follow specific consumer laws when attempting to collect money for alleged debts on an account.

If they break consumer protection laws, it’s in your best interest to seek professional counsel and hire a lawyer if necessary. Depending on the facts, your attorney may recommend filing a countersuit to force them to pay for their infractions.

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How To Stop Debt Collection Phone Calls From Scherr & McClure P.A.

Are the attorneys representing Scherr & McClure Law calling your personal phone number threatening to pursue legal action (i.e., court, lawsuit, credit reporting, income, or account garnishment) if you don’t pay alleged debts?

If so, here’s the good news: Whether you’re in Florida or another state, you can take steps to stop the phone calls to your number.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you have the right to demand debt collectors stop contacting you. Further, consumers should consider the following actions (with the support of a lawyer) when attempting to stop calls related to collections.

Steps to Stop Phone Calls From a Collection Service

  1. Understand your valid legal rights related to consumer financial protection
  2. Demand the debt collector subject your case to review and validate your alleged debt. If they don’t have original documents showing you owe money, you may not have to pay anything.
  3. Maintain records of every contact (i.e., call, letter, email, etc.).
  4. Send a Cease And Desist Letter to the business
  5. Contact a proven debt relief law firm

It’s important to remember that the longer you ignore personal calls from a debt recovery business, the more the interest grows, and it negatively affects your credit report. Give our firm a call to discuss the details of your case today.

How To Settle A Debt With Scherr And McClure P.A.

Suppose you want to settle a debt with a collection law firm like Scherr McClure Law. Regardless of the type of debt you owe (i.e., real estate, commercial loans, family business loans, student loans, etc.), there is a right way to settle the principal and interest owed on your account and a wrong way.

For the most part, we’d recommend seeking the counsel of an attorney you can trust will handle the matter. However, if you’re curious about DIY debt settlement, here are a few things you should consider:

Debt Settlement Steps to Consider

  1. Determine if debt settlement is the best option or if you’d be better served by other debt relief services (i.e., bankruptcy).
  2. Review your finances and know your terms.
  3. Never accept a deal on the phone. Ensure they submit the detail of a settlement in a letter before agreeing.
  4. Commit to completing the repayment schedule. Otherwise, you may face a lawsuit.

At Ziegler Diamond Law, we’re here to help our clients get ahold of debt problems and set a better financial course for their family. Learn more about our debt relief services below.

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