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Robocalls and Your Privacy: Here’s What You Need to Know

Have you ever received a call from an unknown number, only to hear an automated voice greet you on the other end? If so, you may have been the victim of a robocall and an auto dialer. You deserve privacy when it comes to your phone, so we have created a guide on what to know when it comes to these automatic phone calls. If you feel that your privacy rights are being infringed upon, please do not hesitate to contact an experienced Tampa, Florida robocalling lawyer today. Ziegler Diamond Law: Debt Fighters will be happy to help you explore your legal options and privacy rights.

Robocalls: An Introduction

Robocalls are phone calls made without human intervention. This means that your phone number was dialed by an autodialer, and more often than not, an automatic message greets you when you answer the phone.

Why Are Robocalls a Bad Thing?

Phone users deserve protection and privacy, and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was created for this exact purpose. Under this law, individuals must have expressed consent to receive robocalls, and that the companies doing the calling will not use an autodialer. If you believe you are being harmed as a result of a TCPA infraction, please let a Tampa, FL robocalling lawyer know today.

How Will I Know If a Call is a Robocall?

Examples of a robocall include:

    • Answering a phone call and there is an automated recording on the other end.
    • Answering a phone call and there is a period of dead air on the end before a live person is connected.
    • Receiving frequent calls that immediately hang up when you answer.
  • Receiving frequent calls that do not leave a voice message.

Are All Robocalls Illegal?

The TCPA has put forth strict requirements for companies who want to use telemarketing. Besides prohibiting the use of an autodialer, each of these phone calls must include:

An Opt Out Feature: there must be an option for the phone call recipient to choose not to receive calls from that specific company again. If the company leaves a voice message, they must provide a toll-free phone number so the recipient can add their number to the no-call list.

Accurate Identification: the company must properly state the recipient’s name, address, the business they are calling from, and the phone number of that business. This information needs to be relayed at the beginning of the phone call.

Written Consent: the recipient must have given written consent or consent via an e-document. Sometimes, if a company has an online information form they can use your data from that, but they need to clearly express that the user is consenting to receiving robocalls by filling out the form.

When these restrictions are not honored, a Tampa, FL robocalling lawyer can help you to effectively respond to those committing infractions of the law.

Who Tends to Use Robocalls?

While no two robocalls are the same, the following companies and industries tend to use auto dialers and robocalls pretty often:

    • Debt collectors
    • Student loan repayment agencies.
    • Banks
    • Credit card companies
    • Retailers
  • Mortgage repayment agencies

What Type of Compensation Am I Entitled To?

If you have significant proof that you have been robocalled, under the TCPA you can be entitled to anywhere from $500 to $1,500 per robocall received. A Tampa, FL robocalling lawyer can help you to obtain any compensation you may be entitled to.

You deserve a say in who contacts you, so if you have been receiving robocalls, please do not hesitate to contact our team for an evaluation of your case. We are here to protect you from these robocalls, so call us today.

When to Contact a Robocalling Lawyer

It may be time to contact the robocalling lawyer Tampa, FL trusts, when you feel harassed by robocalls. Computerized autodialed calls with prerecorded messages may be the most annoying kind of telemarketing call out there today. Not only are these kinds of telemarketing calls maddening, they may be illegal.

A robocalling lawyer from Tampa, FL may be able to stop these annoying calls from coming into your home or cell phone. In addition to stopping these calls, they may be able to obtain compensation for you from the telemarketer you feel harrassed by.

For a robocalling lawyer known for successfully stopping and getting compensation for illegal robocalls, contact Ziegler Diamond Law: Debt Fighters, today.

Robocalling Regulation – More Information

Robocalls are regulated by state laws and under a federal law called, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Federal Law Federal law regulates telemarketers in the following ways:

– Prohibits the use of artificial voice or recording to solicit residential land lines

– Prohibits the use of artificial voice or recording to solicit cell phones

– Requires they maintain a “do-not-call” list of people who have asked to not be


– Requires them to honor the National Do Not Call Registry

State Laws Some states have their own robocall laws. These laws vary from state to state. If you want to know the laws that regulate telemarketers in your state, a robocall lawyer from our Tampa office who specializes in the laws of Florida, is a good place to learn more. Examples of state regulated telemarketing laws include but are not limited to:

– A telemarketing company needs to provide a real person on the line to identify

the nature of the call and the organization before a prerecorded message

comes on

– Recorded messages require the consent of the person being called before the

recorded message comes on

– A robocall must disconnect if the person being called hangs up or as soon as the prerecorded message is over.

If an organization that makes a robocall violates either state or federal laws, they may be subject to a claim against them that makes them liable to the party they called illegally, as well as for any legal, court or robocalling lawyer fees, the claim generated.

Can Robocalling be Stopped?

Have you fallen victim to incessant calls by telemarketers? Chances are the answer is yes. These calls can not only be frustrating, they can have an impact on your day to day existence. Have you ever stepped out of a meeting, ran to the other room for the phone, or stopped what you were doing to answer a call? Perhaps you were expecting a call or had concern that the unknown number that was contacting you was one of importance. Unfortunately, your requests to be removed from a telemarketer call list may fall on deaf ears. Contacting a Tampa, Florida robocalling lawyer who has experience in unwanted telemarketer phone calls may be in your best interest, especially if you are incessantly being contacted by them. Ziegler Diamond Law: Debt Fighters may be able to help you finally quiet the chaos.

Robocalls – The Basics

A robocall is often a pre recorded phone call that is set up by someone who has signed up to receive the message. A number of organizations may use them to deliver messages to people. Robocalls are computerized calls that can call many people at the same time. Some may appear obvious and are likely something you have signed up for, making them perfectly acceptable, for example:

    • Appointment Reminders
    • School Calls
  • Flight Delays

Unfortunately because of the ease a company has in making these calls, they are being used with greater frequency by companies trying to sell you something.


Because of the number of robocalls experienced by the American public, legislation has been passed to outlaw unwanted robocalls. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act was passed by Congress to help manage the number of robocalls consumers receive. This law diminishes a telemarketing company’s ability to use pre recorded messages or computerized auto dialing systems to contact consumers. Unfortunately, companies do not always comply with this law. That is where contacting a Tampa, FL robocalling lawyer comes in. An attorney can help to ensure proper application of the TCPA. Enforcement terms within the TCPA include:

    • A telemarketer must have written consent from a consumer before they can robocall.
    • Consumers must be given the ability to opt out of the call to immediately stop calls from the telemarketer.
  • Telemarketers can no longer claim that they have an “established business relationship” as a way of circumventing consent from the consumer.

Examples of violations to The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) can include:

    • Calling consumers who are on the National Do Not Call Registry.
    • Calling landlines without a business relationship in place.
  • Contacting a cellphone by way of robocalling.

When a company breaks these rules, they are likely to be in violation of the TCPA. Because of this, consumers may be able to take legal action against a company who has been robocalling them.

Tampa, FL robocalling lawyers have experience in representing people who have fallen victim to robocalls. We understand the laws in place that protect consumers from these calls and may be able to help you, especially if you did not sign up for the calls to begin with. Contact a Tampa, FL robocalling lawyer to speak with a member of our team. We may be able to help you finally put a stop to the harassment.

Don’t Let Robocallers Harass You

If you have been bothered by robocalls from telemarketers there are steps you can take to stop them. These include getting put on a telemarketer’s do-not-call list as well as registering for the National Do Not Call Registry. If you have done these things and are still getting annoying calls, it may be time to contact the robocalling lawyer Tampa, FL residents call first for help.

For a highly rated robocalling lawyer you can rely on, contact Ziegler Diamond Law: Debt Fighters, today.

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