How Do People Generally Become Aware Of Credit Reporting Errors?

How do people generally become aware of credit reporting errors? Attorney Michael Ziegler explains that there are several ways that people can become aware of these errors.

In cooperation with the three major credit reporting bureaus, the federal government allows consumers to get free copies of their reports at

In addition, many people use secondary services such as CreditKarma, and that’s how they become aware of errors on their reports. After discovering errors, the first step would be to contact an attorney who helps with FCRA claims.

For the most part, an attorney will consult and review the error for no cost out of pocket. In addition, they will usually give some recommendations on how to address the error.

Typically, the next step will include a dispute to the credit reporting agency and a request that they correct the error.

If the credit reporting agency and the furnisher correct the error after the initial dispute, then it’s a relatively straightforward matter, but on many occasions, the credit reporting agency and the furnisher will not correct the error after the first request. In those instances, the issue may have to go to litigation.

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