Clearwater Business Attorney

Clearwater Business Attorney

Most business advisors will recommend you establish relationships with two important people early on: an accountant and a business lawyer.

The reasons for connecting with an accountant seem pretty obvious, but why do you need a Clearwater business attorney?

Establishing a Relationship Early On

We all know the saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Nowhere is this more relevant than business management.

By establishing a relationship with a Clearwater business lawyer, you always have someone on hand to help you navigate sticky business situations. Hiring a professional before a crisis arises is best. That way, I can get a feel for your business and thoroughly understand the behind-the-scenes practices of your company. Then, if trouble does come, I can quickly and efficiently take action.

Perks of Hiring a Business Attorney

Outlining all the duties of a business lawyer in Clearwater is nearly impossible; I am capable of helping clients with such a wide variety of tasks! However, some of the most common issues I’m presented with include:

  • Contract negotiations – Whether it is between employees, customers, vendors, or business partners, I can help with all your contract writing needs. I can also help fight for your rights if a contract dispute should occur.
  • Business organization – Is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) the best way to go? A Clearwater business lawyer can help you answer that question.
  • Lease review and landlord liaison – Leasing a commercial space (for your office or retail store) is often times very challenging. The process is notoriously skewed towards the landlord’s benefit. A business owner might be tempted to sign the lease as is, assuming it is non-negotiable. A business attorney will help you add a tenant’s addendum for your Clearwater or Pinellas county property – adding provisions that benefit you.
  • Taxes – If you haven’t already done so, I can help you secure both Federal and Florida state tax identification numbers.

These are just a brief overview of all the responsibilities of a Clearwater business lawyer. Each individual business owner has their own set of needs and wishes. No matter what size your company, how many workers you employ or how many customers you serve.

I can offer my legal expertise in:

  • Business bankruptcy attorney
  • Business bankruptcy chapter 13
  • Business bankruptcy chapter 7
  • Business bankruptcy lawyer

Let’s Connect Today

Don’t wait until crisis strikes. Contact a Clearwater business attorney today. With years of experience helping a wide variety of businesses, I am adequately prepared to help your business with all your legal needs.

Contact me today for a free consultation. I’ll meet with you during a time that is convenient for your schedule. During the initial meeting, we’ll discuss your business’s goals, needs and future growth opportunities.

To meet with a qualified business or debt collection attorney from Clearwater, simply fill out the form to the right to. You can also reach me via phone at (727) 538-4188.

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