Bankruptcy Lawyer Dunedin, FL

Bankruptcy Lawyer Dunedin, FL Bankruptcy Lawyer Dunedin, FL

Are you facing an enormous amount of debt? Are creditors harassing you and threatening you with a lawsuit or even wage garnishment? Do you fear that you will lose your home? If so, a bankruptcy lawyer Dunedin, FL residents rely on would like to speak to you. Bankruptcy is not as bad as many people make it out to be. In fact, it can act as a new beginning and help you to reclaim your finances for the better. 

At  the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, P.L., we have helped thousands of individuals and families get a fresh start from the burden of debt. Creditors might want you to believe that bankruptcy carries many negative things – or will ruin your life. This is not true. To learn more about whether bankruptcy is right for you, call a Dunedin, FL bankruptcy lawyer now. 

What Life May Be Life After Bankruptcy

We know that many people want to know what their life will be like after bankruptcy. Although there are no guarantees, the following is common:

Your Credit Score – It is true that the three main credit reporting agencies will lower your credit score as soon as you have been granted bankruptcy. That being said, many creditors will consider your credit potential to be better than a person who has a lot of debt and cannot make their payments. Creditors will also likely view bankruptcy as something that has now freed up your financial situation. 

Your Credit Potential – As soon as you have filed for bankruptcy, you can start to rebuild your credit. One method our bankruptcy lawyers in Dunedin, FL recommend is to open a savings account at a credit union. Contribute money to it every month and build up the amount. Once you have at least $200, borrow against the amount and pay it back. Yes, you are borrowing your own money, but it will build your credit. 

Your Mortgage and Rent – Just because you will file for bankruptcy does not mean you will lose your house. The exception to this is when you cannot maintain your mortgage. If you do lose your house, the next place you move may subject you to extra scrutiny. That said, a number of apartments, condos, and property owners will rent, even sell, to people who have filed for bankruptcy. You may qualify for a mortgage within a few years after filing. 

Car Loans – As a bankruptcy lawyer in Dunedin, FL might explain, you can take a car loan after filing. Sometimes it may take one year to be able to do so.  However, the interest rates may be higher. 

Getting a New Job – Most employers will not review your credit history so this is generally not an issue. For management and military positions, this could be a problem and can be explained to you by a bankruptcy lawyer in Dunedin, FL. 

Free Yourself from Debt

If you have too much debt and are ready to make the necessary changes to free yourself from your financial situation, call Ziegler Diamond Law: Debt Fighters to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer in Dunedin, FL. 


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