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Helping Consumers to Solve Debt Problems

Helping Consumers to Overcome Debt Problems

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What does it mean to get your life back from overwhelming debt?

Is it being able to support your family? Or to answer the phone again without fear of a debt collector? What about stopping wage garnishment?

Or reaching a dream of one day being able to save to buy a home without worrying that your savings will be taken from your bank account by a judgment collector?

Our approach to debt problem-solving is different – let me tell you why.

My name is Mike Ziegler. I am the managing attorney for the Debt Fighters. We are a law firm exclusively committed to helping people get control of serious debt and get back on track.

Our Debt Freedom system is a different approach to help consumers get relief from overwhelming debt on a budget they can afford.

Here is our Process

  1. First, we develop your personal Debt Freedom Strategic Plan.
    We are going to look at all of your options for debt relief – such as chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy, debt litigation defense, and debt consolidation – and offer the recommendation that is most advantageous to you based on our experience.
  2. Second, we monitor your rights to protect from Debt Collector Harassment.
    State and Federal law say you are entitled to protection from aggressive debt collection, even if you are behind. A debt collector can’t call you constantly or at odd hours, they generally can’t call third parties about your debt, and they can’t call your employer about your debt unless permitted by a judgment. And when you have retained an attorney to deal with your Debts, they can’t call you at all!
  3. Third, we execute your Debt Freedom Strategic Plan.
    Our goal is to get rid of your debt, either seeking a discharge in Chapter 7 bankruptcy or setting up a payment plan that fits your budget in Chapter 13 bankruptcy or debt consolidation.
  4. Finally, we help get your credit back on track.
    We review your credit report after the bankruptcy or payment plan is complete, to make sure you get the credit reporting benefits you are entitled to, and we give you the tools to help your credit score rehabilitate as fast as possible.

Life Happens

Every client we work with has had “life happen.” For many of our clients, their difficulties have been tied to problems on a national scale – the financial crisis or more recently, the financial impacts of the coronavirus. But many others have had their battles on a more personal level – loss of wages, divorce or other changes in family circumstance, or a major health issue to name a few.

Whatever your road to get here was, now the situation is serious – changing a few spending habits or reducing interest rates on a credit card won’t be enough. It’s time to get serious help.

The Debt Fighters – Florida Debt Relief Attorneys

The firm was founded in 2012 as the Ziegler Diamond Law, PL. While the name has changed, the mission has not – to help consumers eliminate serious debt. We feel a consumer is best served by evaluating all of their options to find the option that will save money, providing first-class representation, and providing affordable fees:

Debt Relief Programs

    1. Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys – Chapter 7 is considered the “liquidation” form of bankruptcy. In chapter 7, the filer is not required to commit to a payment plan to eliminate their debt. However, in some instances, if the filer owns belongings beyond certain allowances (called “exemptions”), they may have to give up the “extra” belongings or pay extra into the bankruptcy to get the bankruptcy order wiping out the debt (called the “discharge order”). There is an income qualification for chapter 7 called the means test.
    2. Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorneys – Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 are known as the “reorganization” chapters of bankruptcy. Chapter 13 is a payment plan form of bankruptcy with payments that last from 3-5 years. While there are several factors that go into calculating the payments, in general, the payments are based on what the filer can afford to pay; which is set out in the “disposable income test” under the bankruptcy code.

Chapter 13 can also provide some benefits that chapter 7 does not offer – a chapter 13 can sometimes remove or “strip” a junior mortgage on real estate, it can allow a filer to catch up on a mortgage that is behind, and under the chapter 13 “super discharge,” it can eliminate some specialized types of debt.

    1. Debt Consolidation attorneys – Filing for Bankruptcy isn’t alway the best debt relief option. Particularly for high income earners and those with significant assets, bankruptcy in some instances may be a bad fit if the potential filer doesn’t meet the qualifications, if the payment plan would be too high under the bankruptcy calculation or if they would have to give up too many assets. For those individuals “Debt Consolidation” (or group debt settlement) provides an alternative for resolving debts that are behind.

The basic structure of debt consolidation is the client pays a monthly payment plan that fits their budget and we settle the debt on their behalf. Unlike the national debt settlement companies, our debt negotiation process is facilitated by a licensed attorney who can offer legal advice and represent you in court. And best of all, there are No Upfront Legal Fees for debt consolidation. Turn high interest debt into reduced settlements.

  1. Foreclosure Defense attorneys – In many instances, we are able to avoid bankruptcy altogether. Particularly where someone has been sued by a mortgage company, the same court rules apply as in any other legal proceeding. We may be able to challenge the bank in court, and communicate with them to reach a beneficial conclusion, such as a loan modification, a deed-in-lieu, a judgment with agreed-upon terms, or other options.

Affordable Legal Fees

We have affordable legal fees and payment plans that fit nearly every budget. We offer a free consultation. Call today to see your options.


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