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Debt Consolidation Clearwater, FL

Debt Consolidation Clearwater, FLWhen you are struggling with debt in your life, you may need help with debt consolidation Clearwater, FL offers with the aid of The Law Office of Michael A Ziegler, P.L. We understand that you may have no idea how bad your debt is until you are too far into it. If this is the case, getting out on your own may be extremely difficult or nearly impossible. However, getting help from the Clearwater, Florida debt consolidation attorneys at our office can be a huge asset to you. The economy is always changing and we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to fix their debt. If you have any questions regarding debt consolidation or if you would like to set up your initial consultation with a member of our office, give us a call. We believe we can help you with your debt consolidation. 

What is debt consolidation?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked when a client comes to us asking for help with their debt. Debt consolidation is actually pretty simple. When you have different debts you have to repay and you create a debt repayment plan, you can consolidate multiple payments into one payment every month. Usually, you can do this with a lower interest rate and other benefits as well. When you work with our Clearwater, Florida debt consolidation attorneys, we will go over all of the benefits that debt consolidation can offer you. 

Are there different types of debt consolidation in Clearwater, FL?

You will typically hear of two different types:

  • Debt Management Plan. When you pursue a DMP, you can usually get different benefits like lower monthly payments, late fee waivers, and lower interest rates.
  • Settlement Plan. If you are unable to afford monthly payments with a DMP, you may be able to work with a settlement plan (instead of filing for bankruptcy).

How can a debt consolidation lawyer in Clearwater, Florida help me?

You may be wondering if you can do this on your own. While it is possible, we urge you to contact our office to find out ways working with us can benefit you. We will speak with debt collectors on your behalf and work hard to get you the plan that works best for your situation. 

If you would like to learn more about Clearwater, FL debt consolidation and speak with an attorney from our office, call The Law Office of Michael A Ziegler, P.L.

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