Budget Tips to Help with Holiday Spending

December 12, 2016

Your finances can take a serious hit around the holidays. If you’re already considering contacting a bankruptcy attorney in Florida, you could be facing a stressful time of year. If you want to make sure that your Holidays are enjoyable and don’t put you into debt, follow these budget tips to help with Holiday spending.

Holiday Budget Tips from a Bankruptcy Attorney in Florida

Tip One: Make a Budget

Sticking to a budget can be easy if you set it early enough and make it realistic. Gifts are a clear choice for your holiday budget, and with enough time in advance and a clear idea of who you need to shop for, you can scout out some great holiday deals. The Holidays aren’t all about gifts, however. Try to think about where you spent money in past Holiday seasons. Did you attend parties? Bring a bottle of wine and a dish to pass? Host events? Try to factor in all of your potential spending and then adjust realistically according to what you can truly afford. Then, start saving!

Tip Two: Book Travel Early

Don’t wait until the Holidays are upon you to book your Holiday travel. Make your plans early, so that you can get the best deals possible. Play around with travel dates, and extend your trip a couple days if necessary to receive lower travel rates.

Tip Three: Cash is Key

Credit card spending can explode during the holidays. Make it your priority to pause or stop your credit card spending this Holiday season. If you plan your budget early, plan to save the cash to cover your spending. Credit card debt is one of the main reasons people seek a bankruptcy attorney in Florida, so avoiding this setback may help you keep yourself afloat.

Tip Four: Opt for Homemade

You can cut down your gift shopping list if you make some of your gifts. Baked goods or jams make excellent office or small gifts. A photo album can be a meaningful gift for a family member or close friend. There are even workshops and classes you can take during the season that will help you make multiple gifts on a budget.

Tip Five: Cut the Fat

Holiday prep time is the perfect time to reconsider your entire budget. Look through your accounts and spending and reassess what you need. If there’s somewhere you can eliminate a regular bill, or cut down on extraneous expenses, right before the holidays is the perfect time.

Source: Holiday Budget Calculator

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