Wage Attachment Lawyer Tampa, FL

Wage Attachment Lawyer Tampa, FL

Wage Attachment Lawyer Tampa, FL

Are you facing a lawsuit from credit card collectors because you are unable to pay off your debt? Do you worry that your wages will soon be garnished and you simply cannot afford this to happen? If so, please call a wage attachment lawyer Tampa, FL has to offer from The Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, PL. 

Wage Garnishment with Credit Card Debt: What is it?

Wage garnishment is the act of taking a percentage of an individual’s earned wages to pay off a previous debt of some kind that has entered delinquent, or default, status. It is possible to default on different loans, such as a mortgage payment, student loans, or credit cards. In this article, the focus will be in regards as to how defaulting credit card debt relates to wage garnishment. Ideally, if a person has a balance or credit card debt, the best method would be to pay it off, whether it be in installments or full amount. Doing so would avoid the due amount reaching default status. Simply put, a default is when an individual does not meet the legal terms and conditions of a loan. For example, a credit card balance can go into default if an individual stops payments on a card.

Garnishment is generally a last resort method that must be legally authorized by a court. Usually both the credit card company and the debt collection company, if applicable, will try to collect the due amount from the individual. However, should both parties decide that they have used all of their resources to try to collect and have been unsuccessful, they may choose to file a lawsuit against the individual. Should the court system side with the creditors, they can issue a judgement, or garnishment, to the individual’s wages. This means that legally, the courts can require an employer to deduct a portion of a person’s salary or earnings to assist with paying off the debt. Wage garnishment will continue until the complete amount, both the original debt as well as any court fees, is paid off. Bare in mind that if you are in this situation, you should talk with a wage attachment lawyer Tampa, FL respects right away. The same is true if you are facing debt collection issues. A debt collection lawyer Tampa, Florida men and women prefer can review your case and let you know what options may be available. 

Your Rights During the Wage Garnishment Process

For people facing this process, as a wage attachment lawyer Tampa, FL  knows and prefers might explain to you, there are some rights that are afforded to the individual. They may include:

  • The defendant must be notified if wage garnishment will be taking place. The creditors and court are not allowed to deduct wages if the employee is unaware of this process taking place.
  • The defendant has the right to legally challenge, or dispute, this action if they believe that it is being filed on false grounds or he or she does not owe the debt.
  • The individual has the right to have certain forms of income be held exempt from this action. Social Security and veteran’s benefits, for example, can be exempt under certain conditions. However, if a portion of an employee’s disposable pay is non-exempt, it can be garnished. Disposable pay may include, but is not limited to, wages, bonuses, commissions, vacation pay, and sick leave.
  • An employee is afforded protection from an employer. A company cannot fire an individual due to having incurred one wage garnishment. However, this protection may not apply to those who have multiple wage garnishment cases actions open.
  • A defendant has the right to call a wage attachment lawyer Tampa, FL trusts. 

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If you have any questions regarding your specific case, or need any further clarification, contact a wage attachment lawyer Tampa, FL community members recommend today to discuss options and possible action. The Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, PL can walk you through the steps of wage garnishment and help you avoid incurring it any further.

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