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Unpacking the Truth: Can I File Bankruptcy on Student Loans?
May 30, 2024

With more than 43 million Americans holding student loan debt, it’s safe to say that we’re in a national crisis. Ten of millions of borrowers feel like they’re trapped and have no way to escape the quagmire of debt. When the typical repayment options fail, many wonder, “Can you file bankruptcy on student loans”? Unfortunately, the best answer to that question is, “maybe.” That’s because U.S. bankruptcy laws make it extremely difficult (if not impossible) to discharge student loans. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your debt obligations, there are many potential debt relief options available to you. Contact us today… Read More

Debt Collectors Made Big Profits While You Were Stuck at Home
July 14, 2020

While you were stuck at home, debt collectors saw fish in a barrel to collect on past due balances While so many consumers and small businesses are fighting tooth and nail to stay afloat, a survey from Prodigal Technologies, Inc, indicates that more than half of Debt Collectors outperformed their pre-COVID metrics.  Prodigal’s press release on their survey attributes several factors to the uptrend, but one factor in particular for successful debt collection firms was that they were better able to track borrowers while consumers were stuck at home with Safer-at-Home orders. This data should be an important point for… Read More

Short Sale or Bankruptcy
October 31, 2014

The filer remains responsible for all homeownership responsibilities after the bankruptcy. Call Now For a Free Case Evaluation Clearwater: (727) 538-4188.